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July 12, 2016

Dress Up

When I was younger, my dream was to move off to NYC, work at a huge fashion house, and dress up everywhere, each and every day.
Obviously, that dream didn’t work out the way I planned (… does it ever?), but it still leaves me with my affinity for dressing up in a sophisticated chic 9-5 kind of way. One of my goals is to keep posting as much classic and sophisticated, but also conservative, clothing for all my girls living those big city dreams – or small city, big closets dreams!
When it comes to dressing up, I prefer soft and pastel colors or all neutrals. Usually (actually, always), I go with a neutral bag and pumps (these are extremely comfy and all-day-wear ready – I recommend them). I found this dress by J. Crew and loved the extremely classic–but also classy–demeanor. I’m loving the elegance and chic vibe that can be taken from day to night if you’re headed to dinner or happy hour post-work. Also, it comes in four great, extremely versatile colors. Enjoy! 


  1. wow so cute!! I love your dress. You look very pretty. I love to wear designer kurtis in summer. Thanks for sharing with us.


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