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December 4, 2016


Hey babes! How has everyone's weekend been so far? My hubs got back last night so I am currently on cloud nine. We are starting the day off with mimosas and brunch - because there is always a reason to celebrate :)

So I decided to start a new series on Lovely in Gold to give you all the juicy details on what's currently on my mind and wishlist. I'll cover a wide range of topics so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy!

5 Things I'm Obsessed With - No. 1

1. Navy Inspired Coats - First, how can anyone not fall in love with the chic tailored jackets that walked down the Hilfiger runway? It's very preppy Hamptons wear meets modern day street style. I love this look paired with something totally not expected, such as a silk cami top or cocktail dress.

                    2. Core Fusion Extreme - A new twist to the old Core Fusion workout, this class is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout involving performing exercises at your maximum capacity for a short period of time, followed by short periods of active recovery. Because you’re moving the entire time, your heart rate remains steady throughout the whole workout, maximizing your capacity for burning fat.  I take this class every Wednesday and it's a great way to switch out your workout routine.

3. Glittery Handbags - So as most of you know, I am really into neutral pieces. With that being said, I love to step out of my box and experiment with fun accessories and handbags. And really, what's more fun than a super sparkly purse? Especially with New Years quickly approaching. A sequin beaded bag will take that LBD to the next level. Right now I am loving the color and patterns of Sophie Hulme.

4. Mood Lighting - So mood lighting is scientifically proved to keep you relaxed, happy and focused. Essential when that seasonal depression hits, am I right? Fun fact: Pink lighting is super flattering! My favorite is sold on Amazon for under $5! 

5. Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub - This scrub is 100% pure and natural; with calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper & iron, and NO harmful chemicals. This scrub helps detoxify the body, improve hydration is known to reduce muscle cramps by improving mineral hydration. Talk about MAJOR benefits. 

Well babes, we've got a full day planned so I'm off to enjoy some much needed time with Daniel. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love these picks! Military coats are my fav right now! And great call about the mood lighting! So romantic!

    xo Ashton

  2. right now we are starting to build our forever home and I couldn't agree more with mood lighting. I'm obsessed and I want a focal piece of lighting in each room, if not more. :)
    thanks for sharing.


    1. Seriously Beth - Isn't it the best? There is something so calming about it!!!

      Kelli xx

  3. Love these purses Kelli. I want them all!!

    ~ Tera


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