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December 31, 2016

LAST OF 2016

Happy New Years Eve!  With this being my last post of 2016, I decided to switch things up a bit and get a little deeper. 2016 has really been a fantastic year. We traveled to some amazing places, were married, started Lovely in Gold, and found our dream home. I think we've set ourselves up for an equally amazing ( if not better ) 2017. Sure it wasn't all fun and we've had our struggles, like everyone has. Newly married and only together for half the year can be really challenging. There were fights, anger, and tears but we've managed to learn and grow together as a couple and come out stronger than before.

I can't wait to move into our new home in just a few short weeks. This will really allow me to be more creative and take LIG to the next level by sharing more interior projects, DIY's and lifestyle posts. We have so much planned and I'm grateful to have this place to document all the exciting changes in our lives.

I've set some personal resolutions for the new year and to hold myself accountable, I am going to share them with you all.

Enjoy the little things,
for one day you'll look back and realize these were the big things. The older I get, the more truth I find in this quote. Slow down. Breathe. Take it all in. Be thankful.

Be creative.
Blogging means being creative on a daily basis which can be difficult at times. Take more risks, ignore doubts and face fears head on. Find inspiration in new outlets, feed your passion and see each moment as an opportunity to learn.

With everything going on this month ( holidays, packing, working ) I've let the blog take a backseat. I am making a personal resolution to write more posts each week and not fear criticism because I LOVE what I do.

Let you in.
Opening up about personal things can be daunting in any scenario, especially when you're putting your life on the internet. As much as I want LIG to be all chic outfits, beautiful photos and daily inspiration, I know that's not what real life looks like, at least not mine.

Take care of myself first.
 Eat clean, exercise at least 4 times a week, drink more water. Give yourself breaks. I'm the person that is always on the go and spreading myself to thin doesn't produce quality work or relationships.

So that's me in a nutshell. Bring on 2017. What kind of resolutions did you guys set for 2017? 


  1. Sarah from www.xosarahsays.com12/31/16, 3:09 PM

    Love these resolutions Kelli! Mine are very similar!

    xo Sarah

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