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January 27, 2017


Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week. I tend to fall into hibernation mode somewhere between New Years and St. Patrick's Day. Something is just so appealing about leggings & Netflix when it's gloomy and snowing outside. But 2017 is all about getting out there and trying new things so I put together some super fun date night ideas if you find yourself stuck in the same winter routine.

1. Schedule a Couples Spa Day. Say it with me.... *breathes deep*...saunas. Relish the chance to spend some relaxing quality time together with a couple's massage followed by some steamy sauna time. Nothing will feel better in the dead of winter! If you're in the Pittsburgh area, I recommend checking out East Liberty's  Peace, Love and Zen. They have offer a ton of services and a Himalayan Salt Cave that you don't want to miss.

2. Try a Whiskey-Tasting. Hot Toddy anyone? Warm up your insides with a fun whiskey tasting and distillery tour.  Wiggle Whiskey offers a "Sweetheart Package" which includes a Valentine's themed cocktail and chocolate and whiskey pairing flight.

3. Make a themed dinner together. Okay, yes this one is at home, but hear me out. Think, not just main course, but also appetizer, cocktail and dessert. For example, sushi nights are one of our favorites. Switch things up by trying it at home. Start with edamame and miso soup, then make your own sushi rolls ( YouTube has tons of videos ), enjoy a sake cocktail and end with mochi ice cream.

4. Hit the shops. A personal favorite. Make a day of exploring your local restaurants and boutiques. We've found some of our favorite places this way. If your west of Pittsburgh, check out Emma Jean's Attic for loads of antiques, jewelry, and sweet treats. Ray, the owner of Emma Jean's is one of my BFF's and probably one of the most entertaining people you will ever meet. :)

5. Indulge your sweet tooth. If you can't make s'mores by the fire try a tasting at the  Sewickley Chocolate Walk. Sample everything from chocolate martinis to ricotta balls and mole sauce while exploring the shops and restaurants of Sewickley. At the end of the tour all participants vote for the winner of best chocolate treat! 

6. Get outdoors. Bundle up in your cutest winter coat and go sledding, ice skating or just for a walk. Enjoy the fresh air, pretty scenery and then warm up by the fire.

7. See out the last days of your local farmers' market. I was recently informed that a lot of farmers' markets are still open in the winter months ( who knew?! ) and offer a lot of fun seasonal produce. Pick up some fresh greens and bites, and then head back home to put together an impromptu lunch or dinner.

8. Go for a weekend getaway. If you have a few days to spare, plan a fun trip to switch things up. Even if it's somewhere close by, having a change of scenery can be so refreshing. Groupon is constantly offering last minute deals if you're feeling a spontaneous girl's weekend or romantic getaway. 

Lastly, if you haven't noticed by now I am a huge fan of winter whites. This white blazer is light, bright and cozy, and will make you pop against the dreary mid-season landscape. Adding a structured white top or jacket to a dark outfit can freshen up your entire look. You can also add dimension to an all-white look by mixing varying shades of white and cream. Reach for contrasting textures, like heavy denim and super soft cashmere for a refreshing twist. 

Well guys, hope you are having a great weekend and if you have any fun winter date ideas, let me know. I'd love to try them!


  1. Sooo cute Kelli! Love these ideas!

    <3 - Rachel

  2. Hi Kelli! I am from Pittsburgh also and will be checking some of these out. My BF and I are always looking for new ideas and these sounds really fun. Love your style and blog so much. I found you on bloglovin and would love if you checked out my site as well!

    Have a great day!
    xo Madison

    1. Hi Madison! Thank you so much, checking yours out now!

  3. So cute!!! Love your outfits and ideas.

  4. Suchhhh a babe!

    xo Marissa

  5. Love the black and white look!


  6. Great ideas. I've never been whiskey tasty, never even knew about it :P. I have to say I don't drink whiskey much but I don't drink wine either and my wine tasting experience was quite fun, so would love to try.
    You look very nice in this outfit. Simple but very chic :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  7. Love love love this look - black and white is always a good idea :) I definitely need a couples spa day in my life STAT :) xx

    1. Right?! So relaxing! Thanks Maya! xo

  8. Love this white jacket over the all black look. So chic!

  9. White and Black are a classic! I loved everything about this look. It's just perfect.

    Aline Brodbeck | My Instagram profile


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