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March 3, 2017


You guys. I am alive. Last month was a rough one, but we sold two house in under a week and are finally moved into our new home. Posts were minimal due to the fact that my closet was spread across 17 boxes ( I carried each one of those babies ). And let me tell you, it took some time to color coordinate and rehang everything. Why the f did I think taking things off hangers was a good idea? It's not people, it's really not.

But now we are back in action - all the house decorating fun has commenced and I can finally see my wardrobe. Starting with this army colored bomber that is under $60! ( right? ) Perfect for spring layering, or whatever you want to call this crazy weather we are having.

I love the versatility of army green and bombers work just as well with a slinky dress as they do with a pair of shredded jeans - and they’re super comfortable which is always a win. Plus, a good bomber encompasses just the right amount of tomboy and streetwear. I think the bomber jacket tends to look best when it’s a little worn in, and not too perfect. What do you guys think?

We are hosting our first dinner in the new house tonight! We waited to open all our wedding/shower gifts until we got to the new house so I am overly excited to use my new dishware. Wild and crazy Friday night over here! ( ha ) Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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