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June 19, 2017


Monday blues are a legit thing right? It happens to all of us.

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When I was running into work this morning, I ran into one of the workers sweeping the stairs ( always take the stairs, work that booty ). He was maybe in his late 60’s, had a blank expression and slightly robotic motions, and just looked kind of sad. I felt compelled to give him a smile and a “Good morning! How’s it going?” He looked slightly taken back and gave me an even bigger smile before saying “Well, it’s going”. The fact that he was surprised by this tiny gesture kind of broke my heart… and inspired me to write this out. 

 We all know how it feels to receive a smile or a random compliment. A small gesture has the power to change your mood and day for the better. Why don’t we want to give that same feeling away more freely and more often? We’re all guilty of not being compassionate at times. We get into patterns of going about our day trying to improve ourselves with little intention of helping others do the same. 

If you’re living without compassion and kindness, you’re not living your full potential… don’t be that person. Get into a more frequent habit of genuinely listening to others or going out of your way to be kind to a stranger. It’s a different kind of joy that comes from having real compassion and making others happy.

This morning I was rolling into work with the typical Monday blues, but doing that tiny little act really shifted my mood. It's an awesome thing that even a simple smile can improve someone’s day, as you never know what people are going through. If you practice this, the world will be a better place because of you… and that’s a pretty cool thing.

 Now go be nice. That is all. [😉]


  1. Love that dress, and totally agree that a little kindness goes a long way! I said good luck to the coat check guy at a sample sale this morning and he appreciated it more than I thought he would. It's so nice to be able to put a smile on someone else's face!


  2. Hi Kelli! Really enjoying your style, blog, and instagram posts. I am a Media consultant for Boohoo clothing and wondered if you would be interested in becoming a brand ambassador. I am also sending you an email. Hope to talk soon!

    Boohoo Clothing

  3. Hi Jennifer - Thanks for reaching out!

  4. Love your dress! This is so true great post Kel.



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