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How it started...

Ever since I picked up my first copy of Vogue, I’ve been a devoted follower of all things sartorial. When it came time to pick a career path, the voice in my head was screaming fashion and design - however with where I was at the time, studying in NYC seemed out of reach and more like a fantasy. Instead I earned a degree in marketing and a job in sales, but still felt that need for creative expression.

With that, I went out on a limb and curated my own fashion line, "Dirt & Diamonds". I know, I know - wtf was I thinking with that name? Anyways, I drew up my ideas, found an international manufacturer, and took my sample line to Project - which I am sure most of you are familiar.  I went in with hearts in my eyes but in reality, I still had so much to learn. After some time, I realized my ROI was not worth the blood, sweat, and tears and sadly that was that ( RIP ). On a positive note, for those few years I met some wonderful industry professionals, worked with local magazines, and had my own fashion show. Looking back, there is a lot I would have done differently. But no regrets, right?

Now to present day, I work the 9-5 as a site merchandiser and part-time stylist. I love what I do, but still wanted an outlet to express my style - even if it was only my mom reading ( love you Nancy Drew ). So with the support of my family and friends, I created Lovely in Gold.

So here we are with almost a year under my belt and Lovely in Gold has opened so many doors. Not only does it fulfill my need for a creative outlet, but has provided incredible networking opportunities and I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands.

While still new to the whole process, I am so excited to see where the next few years take me and I'd love to have you along for the ride.

A little More..

My husband Dan and I live in Pittsburgh, PA with our 70 lb fur baby. We recently moved into a new home and I’m totally in my element decorating and making it our own. Lovely in Gold serves as a look into our lives and a place where I can showcase my personal style, home decor, and things I love.

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